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BRIAREUS......bree - ari - us


So what...? More to the point, who is Briareus?


Briareus was the son of Uranus who thought him so ugly that he had him imprisoned at birth and there he stayed until being released by Zeus and became his bodyguard (now you see the link to our name, the bodyguard bit, not the ugly!). Legend has it that he had a hundred arms and fifty heads!


So, history lesson over.........


Our aim is to give a complete, discreet and professional service to all our clients, be they large corporations, small businesses, local authorities or private individuals, all tailored to meet their individual needs.


We have many years of experience in the fields of surveillance, close protection and investigative work. While we do put our business emphasis on the private investigation and surveillance side, we can supply highly trained and licenced close protection (CP) teams, Residential Security teams, Personal escort Sections and Security Advance Party teams. We can also supply surveillance and counter surveillance for VIPs and CP teams including electronic surveillance counter-measures, risk and threat assessments for companies and individuals.


Our investigative work centers on insurance fraud, accident and incident claims taking statements, report writing, statement analysis, witness psychology, assumptions, allegation enquiries, locus visits and report compilation.


Surveillance work covers static, foot, mobile and technical surveillance, all carried out covertly or overtly, depending on the case and the client's needs.


We are Members of the British Bodyguards Association, the United Kingdom Professional Investigators Network  and the British Agents Group, and all operatives are trained to Edexcel BTEC standards and are licenced where appropriate.








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